Our Stories

We provide care, compassion, hope and love to families of critically ill children treated in hospital

Our families have this to say about the care and compassion they have received at the Family Rooms at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital:


June 23, 2018
My 4 year old daughter has been over the moon, she has had so much fun meeting staff and other families at the Ronald McDonald House while staying with me for a few days. She also told me how nice everyone at this home is. I have also noticed that she is very comfortable, I guess she can see how family orientated this place is. She has had a wonderful time playing in the Play Room. My husband told me this is a therapeutic place for us to be while our 16 day old daughter is receiving medical care. I am grateful for this home away from home.


August 20, 2017
My son’s name is Mpilwenhle. I was admitted to the labour ward on 23rd July 2017. While my son was in ICU I discovered the RMFR. I was surprised that such a facility existed.
The Family Room provided a cosy environment to rest in and receive meals while nursing my baby back to health. The Family Room went above my expectations. The staff was friendly, loving, open hearted and gave much needed advice. I’m humbled whenever I come across such places where one least expects. Thank you to the lovely staff and all who make the Family Room what it is.

Promise Setlhako

I am mother to Itumeleng,who was admitted in ward 66 at Chris Hani Bara Hospital. The Family Room has made me cope with the fact that my baby is fighting for his life. Thank you for implementing such a place for families who are going through the stress of a sick child. To the wonderful staff that make sure the place is clean, and welcoming us with warmth keep up the good work.


When my son was admitted in the hospital, I felt helpless that I couldn’t take away the pain he was feeling. I thought it could never get better, but the support I have received at RMHC has helped a lot. The staff and other mothers with sick kids h support each other.


Life has so many challenges and obstacles and most I have overcome with ease. This challenge of a sick baby has been the most difficult one with lots of tears, heartaches and not knowing what to expect. NICU has taught me to be strong, to persevere and have faith. Meeting other mothers and the kindness experienced at the Ronald McDonald Family Room gave me hope and made me stronger each day.

Thembisile Sibiya

My baby girl was admitted in Ward 66. I would like to say thanks for the care I`ve been given by the RMHC staff and volunteers who work here. They were very kind and respectful at all times and gave me nice warm food every day. Please keep up the good work!! Thank you.

Busi Khumalo

I gave birth on 29 October 2015 to a baby girl, who weighed 1,7kg who I named Khloe. I didn’t know what lay ahead for me in my journey. The Family Room staff was amazing and I met other mothers, who became friends because they were going through the same pain of having pre-term babies. When times were hard the Family Room is where I could cry and the staff would listen and be a shoulder to cry on. In January, Khloe had to be operated on and all I could do was pray with other mothers that she be well after that. The staff at the Family Room were a blessing when Khloe was going through a rough time. She eventually got better and was discharged on June 18. Everybody was happy that we were going home after the 8 months of pain, tears and happiness. On 26 June 2016, Khloe passed away and the RMHC staff were there to console me because they are family up to this day. It is no child’s play for a mother whose child is in neonatal intensive care unit or ward 66 but the staff make it easier.


November 15, 2018
I have received a very warm welcome at the Ronald McDonald House which has now become a home for me so I that I can be able to be close to my child and take care of him. Being here has brought some form of relief because I have realised that my child is in good hands. My beloved son, my heart, my everything is one month old today. Tears are streaming down my face as I think about this. This was never how I envisioned how the first month of my child’s life would be. I am broken. I feel helpless.


October 31, 2018
My baby girl, Onthatile was admitted at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and I was one of the guests at the Ronald McDonald House at the hospital. My stay at RMHC was extraordinary because they kept me close to my baby and I was welcomed with open arms. I was given the privacy that I needed and it got me to make friends with one mother from another province. We got to comfort each other and have a good time together. I stressed less because of the beautiful atmosphere and that my baby was in good hands. Fortunate enough, my baby was transferred to Chris Hani Bara Hospital and got to experience the Family Room. The welcoming and service are the same and it gives us space to be at ease. I am very grateful to have been part of the RMHC family.

Linda Morewane

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy by the name of Lubanzi Morewane, he was born on the 12th of April 2018. I was admitted on the 11th of April 2018 never had pains or a “show” the reason being admitted was that my blood pressure was so high so they had to do a caesarean section because it was dangerous for me and the baby. Lubanzi was born without any complication besides that he was very small (“preclampia”) he was born at 32 weeks, after birth he was taken to NICU.

I started visiting the Family Room after I was discharged on the 20th April2018. The treatment I received at the Family Room was so caring, warm and I felt welcomed like I am at home. The staff at the mother`s room they are so generous and understanding of the situation you are going through.

The Family Room is clean and tidy, hospitality is perfect, toilets well hygienically clean. Every morning I was served with breakfast and at lunch time we are served with food and fruits. I could relax and go to see my child with a fresh mind without any problem to think about.

This is a nice place to be for a mother who is facing this challenge.
Thank you.


I am a first time mother and my baby, Lethokuhle was born at 28 weeks with a birth weight of 1105 grams on the 20 May 2016. At first it wasn’t easy to see my baby in neonatal ICU with many drips on his tiny body. He had high blood pressure and had difficulty with breathing. When the breathing improved he was transferred to ward 66 to gain weight. After two weeks he was back in NICU with a lung infection and he was on a ventilator for a month. The Family Room was a sanctuary for me because I met a mother who went through the same path and shared the same pain with me. This made it easy and gave me hope because we were supporting and also encouraging each other.

Dineo Moloeka

My name is Dineo Moloeka a proud mom to Motheo. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ronald McDonald House Charities for the facilities that they have arranged for mothers who are in the same position as me. Most of us are recovering from child birth procedures and we need to be in a comfortable environment while we visit our sickly babies. A big thank you to all involved funders and may they invest their funds in more projects like this that make a real difference. I truly appreciate the condition, maintenance and staff in the Family Room and I know many more others who will come after me will share my sentiment.